Your Safety is our first priority

Parents and adults:

Inflatables are fun, but come with responsibilities.  The can deflate suddenly if the power is lost, or can even move if the winds are too strong.  You must always monitor the unit(s) while in your possession to avoid injuries.

We professionally install and secure the unit.  We attach the blower and ensure proper inflation. We stake it down or secure with weighted anchors. But you should make sure it is all there before we leave.  Ask questions if you are not sure!

Make sure nothing comes in contact with the inflatables.  Keep kids away from the back and/or sides of the unit (especially where the blowers are attached).

Look to see that cords are out of the way and well seated in the sockets (or generator).  Place markers where there may be a tripping hazard. Do NOT plug anything else to the same socket and keep the load on the circuit within its limits. Most household circuits are 15A, and our blowers draw between 7A-11A

Pets are not allowed in the inflatables.  Kids should remove their shoes and anything loose, sharp and hard from their person to avoid injury to themselves or others.

No food nor drinks should be brought into the units (even water), as they can cause the surface to become slippery, unsanitary, and just plain no fun.  Also, no silly string (chemicals in it damage the vinyl). Nothing sharp – it can poke a hole in the unit, or worse, in a kid!

SIOTO is the standard setting organization for inflatable safety. We are proud to be Safety Certified.  Follow this link for SIOTO safety presentation:


Take your shoes off so you don’t step on your friends.

If it can go in your mouth, it cannot be brought into the bounce house.

Sharp and Hard things can cause you or your friends injury when you bounce, so leave them out.  A soft (like Nerf) ball can be used inside.

Silly String, playdoh and other sticky stuff have things in them that can hurt the moon bounce.  Please leave them out.  Don’t use paint, glitter or anything that sticks to the bounce house so other kids can enjoy it too.

Please enjoy jumping and bouncing, but there is no rough play – shoving, pushing, running into each other.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt, even if it’s an accident.  Also, no flips!

SIOTO has a kids safety training program.  See it here:

DMV Bounce LLC is safety certified by SIOTO